Cooling Chamber

CMW Cooling Chamber

To maximize the life of the tooling, the CMW Nut and Stud Welding Electrodes are designed to work with the Cooling Chamber. The Cooling Chamber which is installed on the outside diameter of the electrode. It brings cooling water directly to the electrode.

Internal O-Rings seal the water and prevent leaking. The Cooling Chamber is locked in place with a set screw.

The system works with Chameleon Max-Life Electrodes and Standard Nut and Stud Welding electrodes.

PartDescription Material For Electrode Diameter [X] Overall Length [A] Outside Diameter [B] Unit of Measure O-ring Included
18-1340 CMW Aluminum 0.625 1.50000 1.25000 IN Yes
18-1342 CMW Aluminum 1 1.50000 1.75000 IN Yes
18-1343 CMW Aluminum 1.25 1.87500 2.00000 IN Yes
18-1340 CMW 18-1342 CMW 18-1343 CMW