The CMW brand is a traces its roots to the P.R. Mallory & Company where Phillip Rogers Mallory worked alongside Henry Ford in the 1920s to introduce resistance welding in automotive production. Phillip Mallory's passion for innovation is instilled in the company and today CMW produces world-class, high-performance resistance welding products. We continue to support industrial customers worldwide with innovative service, metallurgical expertise, and application knowledge that we intend will exceed your expectations.


A Rich Heritage

CMW Inc. traces its roots to Phillip Rogers Mallory who began a business to develop and produce metallurgical products in Port Chester, New York.

P.R. Mallory & Company moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. Mallory eventually formed the Mallory Metallurgical Co. which focused its efforts on engineered materials including alloys and composites made from silver, copper and tungsten. Mallory worked with Henry Ford on the first automotive application for resistance welding and with Samuel Ruben to develop a dry electrolytic condenser, which reduced the size of capacitors and lowered overall manufacturing costs.

Mallory well-established itself as a leading contributor to the Allied war effort, producing product for a range of applications on the battlefield, in the air and on the ocean. Of particular note, Mallory Metallurgical Co. and one of its principal inventors Samuel Ruben developed revolutionary battery technology, perfecting the alkaline dry-cell battery to be known as the Duracell® battery.

Mallory employed more than 8,000 people worldwide including 1,500 in Indianapolis alone and rose to as high as 430th on the Fortune 500 list of America's largest corporations. 

Mallory achieved annual sales of over $367 million, ranked 490th in terms of revenue among U.S. companies and employed over 11,000 associates. With the advent and rapid growth of micro-electronics and the opportunity to market and sell dry cell batteries in unprecedented numbers, notably the expansion of the Duracell® battery brand, Mallory moved to sell its non-battery related businesses. The parent corporation sold to Dart Industries of Los Angeles which later sold to Black & Decker ultimately resulting in the complete breakup of the larger firm.

As part of the larger corporate strategy, Mallory sold select assets of the Mallory Metallurgical Co. to its divisional management team lead by Howard D. Johnston, who formed a new corporation and named it CMW Inc. CMW solidified its reputation in the contacts, metals and welding segments.

An acquisition holding company purchased CMW Inc. from its remaining shareholders, expanding its management team and building upon its past success.

CMW reorganized its approach to the world marketplace by dedicating sales and engineering resources to each of the original three business units producing silver-base electrical contacts, tungsten-base high density metals and copper alloy resistance welding consumables. CMW serves clients worldwide, exporting to over 40 countries and across a variety of industries. It is considered an application expert with precise and proven manufacturing capabilities. While initiating and implementing its most significant capital investment program in its nearly three decades as an independent company, CMW has also been recognized many times for its robust and world-class safety and quality systems.

Tuffaloy Products, Inc. acquires the CMW resistance welding technology from CMW, Inc. and relocated the operation to Greer, SC. As producer of resistance welding products, Tuffaloy's intimately understands the resistance welding process and the value of the CMW brand. The acquisition ensured users of CMW's world-class products would be readily available to support manufactures in the United States and around the globe.