Adapters for Ejector Holders

CMW Adapters for Ejector Holders

Adapters for Ejector Holders are low profile electrode adapter designed for use with the 500 Series Ejector Style Offset Holders and some Ejector Style Angled Electrode Adapters. The threaded adapter extends the life of the holder by allowing the taper to be replaced when it is worn.

The low profile design minimizes the stickout of the electrode.

The Angled Adapter part numbers that use the Adapter for Ejectors Holders are:

  • 290-18-7805
  • 290-18-7815
  • 290-18-7806
  • 290-18-7816
PartDescription RWMA Material Type Engagement to Holder RWMA Taper Overall Length Outside Diameter Thread Length Unit of Measure O-ring Included Thread Type
18-7875 CMW RWMA Class 2 1 - 14 5RW 0.68800 1.25000 0.5625 IN Yes Male
18-7876 CMW RWMA Class 2 1 - 14 6RW 0.87500 1.25000 0.6250 IN Yes Male
18-7875  CMW 18-7876  CMW