Tapered Adapters

CMW Tapered Adapter for Nut Welding Electrodes

The Tapered Adapter is designed for use with threaded Chameleon Max-Life Electrodes or threaded Non-Piloting Nut Welding Electrodes. The Tapered Adapter allows the threaded electrodes to be used with a standard 5RW taper.

Due to the high forces of projection welding, standard tapers will wear out. The Tapered Adapter reduces tooling cost by allowing the taper to be replaced when it is worn, but the 10W face is still capable of making welds.

CMW Chamelon Threaded Adapter and Cooling Chamber Exploded View

PartDescription RWMA Material Type Engagement to Holder [T] Thread for Electrode Overall Length [A] Outer Diameter [B] Body Length [V] Unit of Measure Thread Type [S]
18-7741 CMW 5RW 5/8 - 18 1.75000 0.87500 0.8750 IN Female
18-7742 CMW RWMA Class 2 5RW 1.75000 1.00000 0.8750 IN Female
18-7741 CMW 18-7742 CMW