RWMA Class Grade Description and Primary Uses
14 100M The refactory metal face is RWMA Class 14 (100% molybdenum)(ASTM B387 Type 360) which is typically used for resistance welding or resistance brazing braided or sold copper conductors to ferrous or nonferrous terminals, lugs or fittings.
13 100W The refactory metal face is RWMA Class 13 (100% tungsten) which does not alloy appreciably with non-ferrous materials. Therefore, it is commonly used for cross-wire welding of materials such as copper and brass.
11 10W A refactory metal face is made of RWMA Class 11 (75% tungsten, 25% copper) (ASTM 702 C1D) is brazed onto the base material. This face is typically used for welding at higher pressure and heat common with projection welding.